Rottnest Air-Taxi provides three main services


1)    Low Cost  Transfers between Perth (Jandakot) and Rottnest Island (tap or click).

               - simple and quick, GREAT views, flexible times - and no ocean swell!


2)    Joyflights from Jandakot Airport.  (Our 'Perth City and Beaches' flight is terrific value!)

              -  all the beaches of the stunning 'sunset coast' - and then Perth city as well!

                 When we promise a half-hour flight we deliver a full 30+ minutes of great aerial viewing

                 (see map below, called 'Sunset Coast' because it takes in Perth's Western Beaches).


3)    Joyflights from the Rottnest Airport.

              -  our much loved Rotto joyflights, the best way to see your Island.

                 The 10 minute 'Around Rottnest' flight is a perfect introduction to aviation for first-timers.




Rottnest Island deserves people and businesses that understand Rottnest.

Here’s a business that has quietly been serving Rottnest for over 20 years. It’s a business that understands that Rottnest is primarily for the residents of Perth and Western Australia. 
It’s a business that provides ordinary families with an extraordinary service, and that service comes at a ‘locals’ price.

‘Rottnest Air-Taxi’ is Rottnest Island’s cost effective aircraft service providing transport between Rottnest Airport and Jandakot Airport, 15 minutes out of Perth City.

The company’s owner, Frank Stynman, has accumulated thousands of hours of incident free flying and some 25,000 landings on Rottnest’s airstrip, in the service of the island.
“By providing low cost joy flights on Rottnest Island, we can keep the aircraft ‘employed’ so to speak. That way we can also provide low cost flights between Rotto and the mainland.”

LOW COST:  And by low cost, he’s not kidding.  A group of - say - 5 passengers going to the Island for the day can fly for $96 each.  Check out our 'Prices Perth to Rotto' page for exact pricing details.  And on most days you can go out to the airstrip at Rottnest and pick up a flight around the island for $45.


Airline services have come and gone over the decades for Rottnest Island, Jimmy Wood’s air service perhaps being the most famous. But none have made a success of it as Rottnest Air-Taxi has.

HOW IT WORKS:  If you would like to fly to Rottnest, or fly from Rottnest back to Jandakot, you take a taxi – Rottnest Air-Taxi. The aircraft are either a four-seater or a six-seater (that includes the pilot!), but you don’t book a seat, you book the aircraft. So if there’s only the two of you, going over for the day or the weekend, you’ll probably just need the four-seater aeroplane. If you’re a family, then the six-seater aeroplane might be the go. If you’re a big family then you might need both!

The schedule is not that difficult either. The service flies anytime during daylight hours – though you do need to book your time in advance.

‘Rottnest Air-Taxi’ understands Rottnest’s environmental philosophy as well. You won’t have seen this on an aircraft anywhere else, but our distinctive orange aeroplanes have ‘carbon neutral’ stickers on them. Yes, since 2005, hundreds of trees yearly are planted around the state to completely offset the carbon emissions from Rottnest Air-Taxi’s aircraft.

Environmentally aware, low cost and family friendly. Rottnest Island deserves that!